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A Glimpse into 2016 Interior Design Trends

Considering a renovation or investing in your home? We have been in touch with the wonderful team at Fenton&Fenton, Melbourne’s most sought after interior design team, to ask all about the home styling trends expected to gather momentum this year.

What colours do you expect to shine?

I’m feeling dark, moody hues with teals, olive green, aubergine and navy; mixed in with pops of coral, pink and mustard brights. There will also be plenty of softer pastel tones. Greys, lilac and dusk pink will still be among the favourites.

What interior design trend will 2016 be recognised for?

I’m always for mixing and matching eras and styles. We will see the old and the new being harmonised more and more. Hopefully, we see a step away from ‘trends’ as people try to achieve a more eclectic style reflecting their own unique personality to create authenticity in their own homes.

What would be your tips for translating this trend within a more traditional-style home?

Whenever possible pair vintage pieces with modern items. Finding your own individuality is the key to creating a space you love and feel truly at home in. You could also experiment with paint. Spice up a traditional style room by changing the colour to something moody or a subtle pastel tone. Keep in mind that you don’t need to change the whole house all at once. One step (or room) at a time is much more manageable and allows you to test the waters of your own aesthetic before launching into the next stage of any transformation.

Are there any new trends that will stand out as being uniquely Melbourne?

We’re loving nature’s own materials like timber, marble and leather for a more organic feel to our interiors. Here in Melbourne, layering up these surfaces with reindeer hides and Icelandic sheepskins in the cold winter months really adds some much-needed coziness!

What trends from last year will continue to be big this year?

I can see metallics being around for another year, perhaps more as highlights than features. Gold, copper, platinum and steel plus we will see a lot of brass this year. If it shines, there will be a place for it! Indoor plants are also here to stay! Fenton&Fenton offers a unique shopping experience and expresses a style that dares to mix and match objects, origins and eras. Stocking an ever-increasing and eclectic collection of homewares and lifestyle products from around the world, they are the perfect destination and resource for the latest interior trends. Shop online using their swish new website www.fentonandfenton.com.au or take a tour of the gorgeous show room at 471 High Street, Prahran.