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A Welcome Comeback to Greenery

It is inspiring to see home decorators inviting fresh air from lush greenery back into their homes.

Back in the 70s and 80s, a house was not a home without a fernery, or at the very least, a living room corner dedicated to a feature Rubber Plant, Fig-Leaf Fiddle or potted Maiden Hair fern. Sadly, the Minimal Chic movement of the 90s saw an end to this luscious indoor era.

Whilst today’s interior landscaping hasn’t quite regressed to the full-scale ferneries of the 70s, we are loving the modern interpretation of this trend which is empowering flourishing greenery, presented in geometric pots and modern vertical garden walls, to breathe life back into the homes of Melbourne.

Below are the latest tips on how to adorn the interior of your home with plants, courtesy of our friends at Garden of Eden in Albert Park.

  1. Choose the right plant for your space. Indoor plants generally like a well-lit position, although avoid placing them near a west facing window where the afternoon sun may burn their leaves. Also, keep plants away from heating vents and air-conditioners as this can be a little drying.
  2. If your room is on the dark side, consider an Aspidistra, Peace Lilly or Parlour Palm to add some greenery. You can also rotate plants around your house to give them some extra light as needed.
  3. Use trailing plants on shelves or hanging from the ceiling for some interest. Plants such as Devil’s Ivy, String of Pearls, Chain of Hearts or Rhipsalis are perfect for adding some life to the home.
  4. When thinking about floor plants, think big and bold. Our favourites are Rhapis Palms, Fiddle Leaf Fig or a Giant Bird of Paradise. They look great in a corner or by a window.
  5. Get creative with your pots! There are so many different colours and sizes to choose from. We love the on-trend baskets or washable paper bags at the moment, for their more natural feel. Enjoy having some fun mixing it up a little!
  6. The best way to water plants is in the shower, bath or in a sink. It is better to give them a good drink and then let them drain before placing them back in position. Check your plant’s individual need for water as their needs do differ. If you have any questions, please ask and we are happy to give you some guidance.

Garden of Eden nursery believes life should be lived in beautiful spaces. They are passionate about helping you design the perfect garden to inspire you daily, whether you’re creating an inner-city haven, a coastal garden retreat or a special event with impact.

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