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Bring the Best of Spring Indoors

Spring is here and while we all know how important a beautiful garden is to enhance the external appeal of a home, if you’re looking to sell, that same principle can be just as effectively applied indoors. The two most effective ways to bring that fresh Spring feeling into your living space is through beautiful fresh flowers and indoor plants.

Arrange a Different Look Every Week

Floral arrangements add texture and life to any domestic setting, and can help establish a mood or moderate a bold theme. As with any décor piece, colour is critical. So unless you’re certain about your palette, a safe bet is always crisp, fresh white. Luckily, that takes in a whole host of flower types. If you do have a particular colour in mind for a room, add an extra layer of interest by grouping different flowers of the same colour. The next step is to work out texture. Smaller spaces can easily look busy, so here it’s often wise to pull back that fussiness with elegant tulips, irises or narcissi.

At the other extreme, a large room can feel cavernous or imposing. Here, you may prefer to soften the space with a huge burst of white blossoms (it is Spring after all) or hydrangeas, or a handful of smaller vases filled with roses, stocks or sweet pea. Different themes can also be achieved by carefully selecting the right flowers. Camellias, gypsophila and poppies lend a country feel, while few flowers can compete with the dramatic lily for elegance and sophistication. Roses are naturally romantic, daffodils and sunflowers are bright and warm, orchids and bird-of-paradise lend themselves to the exotic, while lavender speaks of Provence and all things French. Arrangements do not need to be big to have major impact.

“Keep things simple,” says prominent Melbourne florist Fleur McHarg, of The Studio by Fleur. “One type of flower ‘en masse’ is always a simple elegant look. Also, avoid making things too complicated. Flowers should compliment the room not take it over.” A few bowls of hydrangea heads evoke a bold yet simple statement, and eschewing flowers in favour of just foliage brings in the green calming element in a super sophisticated manner, which, as Fleur points out, can be a good option if the budget for fresh flowers is tight.

Indoor Garden All Year Round

It’s no secret that indoor plants help create a relaxing, elegant atmosphere to any room. For years, psychologists have been connecting the colour green to a sense of calm comfort and tranquillity, and what better way to bring that soothing into the home but through the lush green foliage of a graceful palm, dramatic fiddle-leaf fig, a cascading devils ivy or a graceful lily? All are ideal for Melbourne’s climate, and, with just the occasional watering and dose of fertiliser, they virtually look after themselves. They can also create a striking but attractive first impression in marketing photos and to prospective buyers. They add natural texture and vitality to a space even in a static image. Thumb through any glossy, home living magazine and even though you may not notice them immediately, closer inspection will reveal plants in almost every interior décor photo. Even in the most minimalist and dramatic setting, the tall, upright leaves of mother-in-law’s tongue take on an architectural feel. Alternatively, a space can be cleverly softened with delicate ferns or striking orchids. Terrariums have recently made a bold come-back and can be found in all shapes and sizes. The beauty of a terrarium – in addition to it’s almost irresistible fascination – is that while they look like hard work, they’re virtually maintenance free.

One Microscopic Thing to Remember

One important point to consider when choosing flowers for a viewing, however, is their pollen. You don’t want prospective buyers to remember your home for the pollen stains they picked up or the hay fever they endured. As far as stains go, Asian lilies and their ilk tend to be the biggest culprits for pollen stains, but it’s possible to carefully remove the stamens before your visitors arrive. Jasmine, wattle, some blossoms and most of the daisy family (ie. asters, chrysanthemums, gerberas, dahlias) can be a hay-fever sufferer’s nightmare, so avoid these if possible, or use them sparingly.

Lush, healthy indoor plants can also create a subtle, almost subliminal message. Flourishing plants imply dedication and care by someone who’s not only looked after their indoor garden, but has doubtless looked after their home as well. The attention you’ve paid to your plants, echoes the attention you’ve paid to keeping your home well maintained and cared for – and that makes for a very good buy. And finally, always make sure your plants and flowers look fresh and healthy if you’re about to have a viewing. Trim dead leaves and flower heads, keep vases topped up, and at the first sign of wilting or browning, it’s time for the compost bin.

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