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How RT Edgar Attracts Great Talent

For a successful agency to attract an elite team dedicated to providing a premium service, RT Edgar identifies the importance of creating a reputation and environment that candidates want to be a part of.

One of our longest standing employees, Director Jeremy Fox [32 year tenure], outlines what it’s like to work within the RT Edgar family, the initiatives RT Edgar undertakes to foster strong staff morale, and the values we prioritise when recruiting.

Unlike most companies established over 125 years ago, RT Edgar recognises that while our rich history forms the character of our brand, it is imperative that as real estate agents we must be agents of change: social, economic and technological. Experience is invaluable, however evolution is the key to our ability to survive and thrive.

What is it like to work at RT Edgar?

RT Edgar’s environment consists of a diverse mix of experienced real estate agents and team members of all age groups, from senior directors to young people joining straight out of school or university.

Jeremy Fox explains, “We provide a wealth of experience in our senior agents that the younger team members can draw on. Our philosophy is all about a mentorship program, taking on one or two younger people every year and mentoring them – making sure to spend a lot of time and effort training around sales, our market and auctioning.”

RT Edgar recognises that mentorships encourage a safe and supportive learning environment, connecting all age groups within our organisation.

In addition to this, Jeremy outlines the importance of equal opportunity for all employees in a male dominated industry.

“We have a 50/50 male and female workforce, catering for the opportunities of both sexes of our employees as well as our clients. Our inclusive corporate culture is built upon us all making the commitment to being a team player. This has created an environment where everyone gets along and forms meaningful working relationships that ultimately create a positive culture.”

What initiatives do RT Edgar employ to foster staff morale and create an enjoyable corporate culture?

Jeremy outlines myriad initiatives RT Edgar employs in order to cultivate and maintain a gratifying workplace culture, including:

  • Office WhatsApp. Jeremy explains, “Every transaction is posted into the group WhatsApp, this is a very simple way we ensure everyone’s wins are celebrated.”
  • Team drinks are scheduled every six months at a venue to provide an opportunity to unwind and socialise.
  • Every listing and sale is written on a central board in the office to ensure all staff are across each other’s accomplishments, congratulating accordingly and fostering a sense of achievement.
  • Employee birthdays include a catered lunch.
  • Summer BBQs: At the end of each month from August onwards, RT Edgar hosts a summer BBQ on a Friday afternoon with alternating cuisines e.g. Italian, Chinese, Kosher or Australian BBQ.
  • Annual Christmas Party

What are the values we look for in candidates when recruiting new talent?

Jeremy highlights motivation as a key value RT Edgar look for when sourcing new candidates.

“You have got to be motivated in sales, we look for people who are driven to succeed and want to make the effort.”

In addition to this, Jeremy outlines having a high degree of integrity, and a willingness to do things the RT Edgar way as equally important. This consists of dedication to building strong client relationships and ensuring all communications and written approvals with the client are at the forefront of everything they do, to ensure we provide a premium service.

RT Edgar prefers to look for these core values, rather than focus on previous experience, due to the mentorship program we provide with our senior agents.

“When recruiting new, younger team members we prefer if they have little or even no real estate experience. We often recruit people straight out of school with only a retail background, as that customer service experience creates an invaluable background for promising real estate agents,” Jeremy explains.

As a leader for prestige property across Melbourne and Victoria, our team prides itself on cultivating a workplace where opportunity, growth and inclusion is at the forefront of attracting new talent. Our longest standing team member, Warwick Anderson, who has been with the company for 45 years is a testament to this. We often find, when our agents occasionally look to greener pastures, they come back to the RT Edgar family, which speaks volumes to the way we operate internally.

If you are looking to begin your career in the real estate industry, please reach out to Jeremy Fox for a confidential discussion.

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Jeremy Fox | Director & Auctioneer

0418 339 650 | [email protected]