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Property Management Insights – What’s To Come

RT Edgar’s respected property management team has been leading the rental industry in innovation, technology, and service for decades. Supported by longstanding industry knowledge and an experienced team, our key points of difference have curated a sought-after destination for rental providers and renters alike.

In the current climate, our clients and customers are facing fluctuating challenges and opportunities. Our trusted experts, Darren Pearce (Head of Property Management) and Taylah Cagalj (Business Development and Leasing Manager) provide insightful context and positive foresight regarding what the market can expect as we head into spring/summer.

With a real estate career spanning 30 years managing rent rolls, Darren highlights three crucial points of discussion when it comes to moving forward; RT Edgar’s renowned property management style, the market fluctuations we can expect, and the positive outcomes for both rental providers and renters despite a turbulent period.

Darren Pearce attributes RT Edgar’s advanced tech-savvy systems as a key resource in adapting to the environmental changes we have experienced over the last few years. “Our internal and client facing technology is really advanced, which makes remote communication and liaison extremely adaptable and user friendly. Due to our local history and market knowledge over the last 125 years, we are a trusted name in the property management sector, especially as our service is tailored to suit individual rent providers.” In addition to this, Taylah Cagalj identifies the calibre of service as a core value of the property management and leasing team. “RT Edgar’s reputation is built on prompt responses, making sure properties are maintained to a high standard throughout a tenancy, and achieving maximum rental returns for our clients to ensure strong capital growth.” Lastly, RT Edgar are supported by a high volume of senior staff who recognize that no property is the same, which makes for a seamless experience.

As we head into spring/summer our experts foresee an influx of stock, specifically apartments, coming onto the market to create elevated competition due to the heightened level of activity. “As inspections return post-lockdown, we’ll see an over supply of one and two bedroom apartments, as there has been a lot of property on hold. Family homes however, have and will continue to be sought after regardless of restrictions,” Darren explains. Taylah adds that with restrictions, comes “a great opportunity for rental providers to make improvements to their property whilst unseen in lockdown.”

In addition to this, Darren and Taylah highlight further positive aspects that both rental providers and renters can look forward to.

“While rental providers may have experienced inconsistent rental return, the sales market is incredibly strong and continues to deliver exponential capital growth, which ensures the value of their asset is only increasing.”

Secondly, Darren identifies a stronger understanding between rental providers and renters as a result of these challenging times. “Engagement and communication between both parties gives our rental providers an increased understanding of their tenancies, through the consistent monitoring of renter welfare and property upkeep. This learning opportunity is invaluable to these relationships moving forward as the market picks up.”

When it comes to the encouraging opportunities for renters in the near future, Taylah explains, “renters have a lot more options now, they won’t need to rush into anything and they will have more likelihood of finding a property that ticks all their boxes due to the surplus coming onto the market – which can mean better rents and better deals.” Similarly, Darren outlines a couple of key changes to legislation this year benefitting renters, such as the allowance of pets, the option of longer length tenancies, minor alterations without permissions which make a tenancy more ‘homely’ and additional safety checks and compliances requirements.

Overall, the property management landscape looks positive as we move into the warmer months. For any questions or queries regarding the market or managing your property, please contact Darren Pearce or Taylah Cagalj:

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Darren Pearce

[email protected] | 0419 879 596

Taylah Cagalj

[email protected] | 0435 038 189