Property Market Predictions for 2022

What to expect for 2022...

As our agents and staff commence the new year and prepare for the January/February market, we reflect on the economic insights provided to us by the experts on property market trends and predictions for 2022.

According to Business Insider Australia, the Commonwealth Bank predicts that house prices will peak in 2022, forecasting a 7% increase on 2021. This is excellent news for our clients across the Melbourne market who are thinking of selling, with many skeptical of how values will move in the coming year.

On the whole, a 7% increase in housing prices equates to an astonishing 22% increase in 2022, when compared to 2020. Which is a huge feat in our economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

This should give our clientele reassurance that their assets are appreciating at an exciting rate, and that the 2022 market is a fantastic opportunity to capitalise on that growth.

In addition to this, Domain states, “without a doubt, the Australian property market has realized a significant gain over the pandemic period. Over the last 12 months, there was a national increase of (on average) $126,000 to the median value of an Australian home. Melbourne has increased a total of 15%.”

Domain advises that the property boom isn’t over, and that the property market is still growing; “november figures have revealed a boost to property values for the 14th month in a row.”

Gareth Aird, head of economics at CBA has stated, “the Australian housing market is in the twilight of an incredible boom that has been fuelled by record low mortgage rates. The phenomenal lift in prices is not over yet given dwelling prices are still rising briskly in most capital cities. But near term indicators of momentum coupled with the recent move higher in fixed rate mortgages suggest that conditions will moderate from here.”

Gareth also predicts, “the economy will be at full employment by the third quarter of 2023, and that annual wages growth will have pushed to the RBA’s desired 3% range, which will in turn force the RBA to lift the cash rate.”

In a promising report from Michael Yardney’s latest ‘Property Update’ publication, he outlines three exciting foresights for the Victorian property market:

1. Property demand from home buyers is going to continue to be strong

Currently, home prices are surging around Australia, auction clearance rates remain high, and the media keeps reminding us we’re in a property boom.

The result is emotions are running high at the moment, with FOMO (fear of missing out) being a common theme around Australia’s property markets.

2. People will pay a premium to be in the right suburb

If COVID taught us anything, it was the importance of living in the right type of property in the right suburb.

Purchasers will look for things such as shopping, business services, education, community facilities, recreational and sporting resources, and some jobs all within 20 minutes' reach.

3. This cycle dominated by upgraders

The current property and economic environment, plus years of Covid related lockdowns have meant that Aussies are looking to upgrade their lifestyle.

With record low-interest rates and surging property markets, many homeowners are looking to upgrade to larger homes and in better suburbs.

While smaller homeowners are upgrading their lifestyle and moving out of the city to regional areas.”

All in all, a comforting sentiment in property market predictions for 2022.

For more insights and information on prestige property trends, contact one of our experienced team members to discuss what this could mean for you and your home.