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RBA Raises Interest Rate to 3.35%: Latest Update on Monetary Policy and Economic Forecast

Official Interest Rate Increase to 3.35%

On February 7, 2023, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) raised the official interest rate to 3.35%, marking the ninth consecutive increase. The RBA remains dedicated to bringing inflation back to its target range of 2% to 3%.

Future Interest Rate Decisions

In deciding on future interest rate increases, the RBA will take into account global economic developments, household spending, inflation and labor market outlooks.

Expert Predictions

According to a recent poll of economists, the majority expect just one more interest rate increase, with the rate expected to reach a peak of 3.6%.

Fastest Tightening Cycle in a Generation

The RBA's current tightening cycle is the fastest in a generation, having raised the interest rate from a record low of 0.1% to 3.35%.

Rising Interest Rates Impact Homeowner's Monthly Mortgage Repayments

At 3.35 percent, monthly repayments on a 25-year, $500,000 mortgage will have increased by $908 since May 2022, by $1362 for a $750,000 mortgage, and by $1816 for a $1 million loan, according to comparison website RateCity.

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