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Smart Styling your Rental

Styling is the key to creating a sense of home when you live in a rental property. The process of transforming rooms to reflect your personality is incredibly satisfying and can be easily achieved using some simple, savvy styling strategies.

Here are our top ideas for injecting some love and life into your home — no landlord approval required!

  1. Small details, big impact
    Accessories make ALL the difference. Go for fewer quality unique pieces rather than many cheap accessories. Right now, we love the on-trend pieces at Fenton and Fenton and Jardan .
  2. Reflecting on rugs
    Floor and wall rugs are the quickest way to add warmth.  Choose colours that complement the tones and textures of the existing fittings and fixtures. There are many schools of thought on style, size, and placement of rugs, but trust your own judgment and don’t be afraid hang them on the wall as an alternative to printed artwork and on the floor in already carpeted rooms. If purchasing online, it's difficult to get a true indication of colour on screen — there is nothing worse than a styling investment that you are forced to live with because what you see is not what you get.  Instead, opt for stores that allow an in-home trial before committing to purchase. 
  3. Purify with greenery
    Homes literally come to life with the magic of plants.  Plants are like furnishings – choose options that complement the era your home.  Fiddle Leaf Figs are a great choice for modern spaces, whereas the softness of a Maiden Hair Fern will suit in a more traditional style of home.“Consider styling as partly strategy, but mostly instinct.  If something excites you, invest in it and subconsciously it will repay you with joy every time you occupy the space that it decorates.” says Vittoria Chiarilli, Director and Interior Designer, Marly Hemisphere.