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The Winter Vendor

There’s no doubt about it, the winter chill has us donning our winter scarves and buyers are a little less inspired to get out to the early frosty Saturday opens. But, there is a silver lining. Despite the common perception that it is harder to sell your home in the winter months, there are some real advantages to selling your property at this time of year.

Firstly, there is less competition. With fewer listings on the market, your property has the very best chance of getting noticed by that perfect buyer. Less genuine buyers are distracted by the cold and stay indoors, rather than misleading potential buyers into believing that too much competition is preventing them from finding their dream home.

Next, seasoned investors are out at this time of year. Well aware that the world doesn’t freeze over when the mercury drops, they are ready to pounce on a solid investment when it arises.

Finally, let’s not ignore the fact that some homes are quite simply at their best when it is cold. Open fires, warm decor, and the scent of relaxing essential oil candles can trigger buyer’s emotions in a way that the smell of fresh Spring flowers simply cannot. You know better than anyone on how to make your house feel like home, so use your intuition and market to its strengths.

  1. Schedule inspections when your home is optimally illuminated and warmed by the sun’s
  2. Capture emotions with the warmth of an open fire and the aroma of fresh coffee.
  3. Don’t neglect the garden - buyers love peering out at freshly manicured, magical frosty gardens, from the comfort of a warm living room.
  4. Invest in advice from a stylist – seek on-trend soft winter furnishings that make the house warm and inviting. According to Andrew Mitchell, one of Melbourne’s leading interior designers, accessorising with an earthy palette of colours including warm reds, deep ochres and mossy greens to will help make your living spaces more inviting and cosy. Accents of natural timbers and burnished bronze will complement this scheme, and provide textural
  5. Ask your agent for insights into what buyers are looking for throughout the winter months.