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Antoinette Barnet

Sales Representative

Mount Eliza

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It says a lot about the skill and ability of a sales agent that they are able to successfully train and coach other sales agents. Prior to joining RT Edgar in 2022, that’s exactly what Antoinette did. Although her career has been firmly anchored in training, coaching and mentoring, Antoinette has also enjoyed great success in real estate sales.

She is a Licenced Estate Agent who has bought, sold and renovated houses and she is adevotee of Feng Shui (the art of harmony in the home) so she has great appreciation for the value and importance of properties as homes, as distinct from them just being assets.

She is an active listener, a skilled communicator and a robust negotiator with a firm focus on understanding, and then working hard to meet the needs and expectations of her clients.

Mount Eliza Office

82 Mt Eliza Way Mount Eliza VIC 3930

03 9776 3369