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Athena Pliantsas

Head of Property Management

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Highly qualified and internationally experienced, Athena Pliantsas brings a rare level of expertise to the management of RT Edgar's property portfolio. Always passionate about property, Athena has achieved high-level success at a young age in team management and consulting roles. In her time consulting, Athena has helped build and restructure businesses, liaised with complex client bases and worked internationally to bridge the gap between investors and developers, all the while focused on providing expert service and advice. Now charged with managing large portfolios and teams of property specialists, Athena's methodical approach is grounded in both her legal and diplomatic studies and in her time spent problem-solving in complex work environments. Focused on achieving the best outcomes for her clients Athena ensures no timeline is exceeded or issue overlooked. In many ways, she is the ultimate trouble-shooter, quick to identify issues before they become problems and adept at formulating solutions with a real sense of urgency. Athena also credits her time in consulting with developing her high-level technical expertise. Working in Asian markets at the forefront of technology, Athena is well-versed in the most up-to-the-minute systems and programs. In fact, she often finds she has worked with new technologies before they have been introduced into the Australian marketplace. The result is a level of technical expertise that gives Athena the confidence to make decisions quickly, easily and in ways that maximise her clients' investment. This same confidence guides Athena's out-of-hours life too. A 'global citizen' who has moved between cities and states from a young age, Athena is excited to have returned to settle into her original home-town Melbourne. Whether making the shift within Australia or settling into postings overseas, her ability to adapt to new environments translates into empathy for tenants and landlords alike and into an easy approachability that makes everyone feel at home.

"Thanks so much for organising our repairs, we had previously waited months to have these actioned. RT Edgar is so blessed to have you – we've never had such great service. You must be a beautiful, caring person."

- Karina, Brighton

"Thank you for your comprehensive and factual break down, as well as your continued efforts to resolve this issue. You are taking the correct action and I trust my property is in good hands."

- Theresa, Brighton