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Chelsie Cargill

Licensed Estate Agent


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All real estate agents have a genuine love of property and Chelsie is no exception, however she not only sees the beauty in homes of all eras, but she also loves the family histories and stories that together define the unique character and personality of every property that she sells.

Chelsie began her career in 2012 after taking her Dad’s advice; he thought that her natural vivacity, confidence and flair would make her a perfect fit for the real estate profession. She began working as a property manager in Melbourne’s inner suburbs and then worked extensively across the bayside area. After learning the “nuts and bolts” of the profession, she then moved into sales where she excelled, selling luxury real estate for record prices in some of Melbourne’s finest suburbs.

Working in a fast paced and demanding job and as a mum to two teenagers, it goes without saying that Chelsie is highly organised, a natural problem solver and always calm under pressure. She devotes 110 percent of her energy to all that she does, providing every client with the perfect balance of service and expertise. She is warm and engaging and creates an easy rapport with buyers and sellers, which is so important to ensuring productive negotiations and ultimately a smooth sales process

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