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Dale Edgcumbe

Associate Director


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When Dale Edgcumbe offers his opinion on real estate, it´s well worth listening to. He´s speaking from 30 years of experience, 22 of those in Boroondara area. “I´ve seen a number of trends come and go,” says Dale, “but two things remain constant - the delight of people who have just bought a home and the joy of a vendor who has received the price they wished for.” Married for 48 years, Dale´s two boys are now grown-ups, however the whole family still lives in Kew, which makes Dale passionate about local issues. “Call me a traditionalist, but I think the abundance of Victorian and Edwardian architecture is an integral part of Hawthorn´s and Kew´s appeal. We need to retain and protect it.” Dale has never been afraid of hard work. “I literally will not rest until the job is done, no matter what hour,” says Dale. As such he personifies the RT Edgar ethos. “Mind you,” he adds, “I´m part of a team that has the same attitude. We don´t just operate as individuals. We genuinely share properties across the network to find our buyers.”

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