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Although Flint’s background is in screen and media, with real estate running through his blood it was perhaps inevitable that the pull to be part of the industry would prove too strong. In 2020 Flint decided it was time for him to join “the family business,” and in doing so to have the opportunity to be part of a highly successful team and learn from Joanne Royston, one of Melbourne’s most successful and respected real estate professionals.

In his current role supporting the sales and property management teams, Flint is now learning the business from bottom to top. His responsibilities include whatever comes his way, from answering enquiries to helping prepare residential tenancy applications and everything in between. He is a computer whiz, his communication skills are excellent, and his work ethic is characterised by his diligence, thoroughness and his attention to detail. So far, his favourite part of the job is the opportunity it affords him to interact and get to know the wide variety of people he deals with each day.

Outside of work, Flint spends time writing, watching TV and films, reading and watching the NFL. Oh, and he is technically a Lord; ask Flint about that one when you next speak with him!

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