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Jack Broadhead

Sales Consultant

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After having undertaken a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science (Property), other achievements and accumulating over six years’ experience specialising in the local Bayside area, one could assume Jack Broadhead is one of our seasoned veterans. But at only 25 years old, he seamlessly blends the combination of indelible market experience with a youthful exuberance, drive and enthusiasm. This rare dichotomy, coupled with a proactive customer-driven approach and charismatic disposition endears Jack to a wide and varied client base that saw him named a Rising Star in 2014. Jack’s profile in the Bayside area has grown relentlessly, predicated on an enigmatic wit, a congenial sales approach and an insatiable drive to deliver premium service. Jack doesn’t look at the cycle of buying and selling homes as a transaction or process, but as an all engrossing life experience that demands a premium, full service offering of equal magnitude. “I take this responsibility very seriously and my first and foremost priority for any campaign is to make the entire journey as relaxing, transparent and enjoyable as possible. And of course achieve a great result!” Jack’s personable and long-term service approach has seen him acquire and maintain a strong, varied and ongoing client base within the Bayside area, of which he is a life-long local. Jack’s clients are drawn to his boisterous humour, natural charisma and ongoing communication well beyond campaigns. “For me, I don’t see my clients as a conveyor belt of people with who interaction starts with an inspection and ends with the fall of the hammer. I see them as a local network that continues to grow with every successful journey we go through together, and that is why I absolutely love what I do”.