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Jin Shang

Senior Sales Consultant


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A passion for real estate, a personal appreciation of the opportunities it provides, and over fifteen years in the finance industry have combined to give Jin a valuable and diverse insight into the huge potential of real estate, and a genuine understanding of the joys of home ownership and investment. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, Jin holds a degree in Medical Science and a diploma in Financial Services, as well as his real estate qualifications. This unique blend of skills is borne out in his analytical approach to pursuing the most effective and successful sales strategy for each property. This is backed up by a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction, and his enthusiasm to go the extra mile for his clients. Working closely with his wife, Mandy – also a highly regarded RT Edgar Associate Director – Jin´s knowledge of the local market is outstanding, and in particular, the trends of inner Melbourne suburbs where he and his family have lived for more than 25 years. His patience, gift for negotiation and superior communication skills saw Jin and Mandy break the record for the highest property sale in metropolitan Melbourne. The sale of the landmark Toorak home for around $40 million in July 2017, was the highest price paid for residential real estate in Victoria at the time.

有着超过十五年金融业从业经验的Jin对于房地产行业抱有极大的热情,同时也喜爱这个行业所带来的机遇。凭借着这些经历,Jin不仅深刻地在不同方面明白到了房地产业的巨大潜力,同时也令他真切地感受到了自住购房和投资购房的乐趣。 Jin拥有医学科学学位、金融服务文凭证书,以及持有房地产从业资格证,同时他还精通普通话与英文。这些独特的优势造就了他优秀的分析能力,让他能够为每个物业制定出最有效和最成功的具体销售策略。并且,他还十分重视客户满意度,热衷为客户提供自己力所能及的协助。 Jin与同样受到高度好评的RT Edgar合伙人Mandy是一个紧密的团队。Jin对于本地市场的理解十分出色, 尤其掌握他与家人居住了超过25年的墨尔本东区的市场趋势。 凭借着耐心、谈判的天赋和超凡的沟通技巧,Mandy和Jin一度刷新墨尔本大都会区域物业销售的最高纪录。在2017年7月,他们以约4千万的价格售出了Toorak的一处地标性住宅,这是当时维多利亚州住宅物业成交价格的第一名。

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