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Layla Milligan

Business Manager - Team Wridgway

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Layla brings extensive experience and broad ranging expertise to her current role. Over the course of her career she has worked in property and operations management, leasing, business development and she has experience in trust accounting. She is meticulous, innovative and committed to doing her part to ensure that every team she is a member of is high performing, continually evolving and always at the top of their game.

Calm and composed, Layla describes herself as “the glue” in any team, that person that everyone knows they can rely on to be in control and to ensure that processes and systems are optimised to deliver outstanding service and results. “It’s not just the result that matters, it’s the experience of the entire process for the client”, says Layla. She is in equal parts always attentive to the needs of her team and her clients. She communicates clearly and importantly she is a great listener.

Although originally from the country, Layla is in her element living in Melbourne. Good food and great coffee is a must for her, and there is no better place to find both than in Melbourne’s café culture. In her down time, Layla loves being outdoors and keeping active. She is a dog and horse enthusiast and she also enjoys drawing and reading.