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Following a successful career in finance and mortgage broking, it was natural for Mandy to move into the real estate sector. Her keen sales and negotiation skills, combined with her friendly nature and aptitude for attracting buyers have seen her build a valuable network of contacts, nationally and internationally, where her fluency in both Mandarin and English is widely appreciated. For over 25 years, Mandy has lived in the area with her husband Jin, and uses her keen understanding of the local region, its unique attributes, market trends and character to effectively market properties to the most receptive audience. As a team, their track record of success is testament to their dedication and hard work, especially in the prestige homes sector in and around the Stonnington and Boroondara areas, delivering numerous sales above the $10 million mark. Her patience, gift for negotiation and superior communication skills saw Mandy and her husband Jin break the record for the highest property sale in metropolitan Melbourne. The sale of the landmark Toorak home around $40 million in July 2017, was the highest price paid for residential real estate in Victoria at the time.

凭借着成功的金融业和贷款经纪背景,Mandy很自然地进入了房地产行业。她有着敏锐的销售和沟通技巧、友善的性格,同时善于吸引买家。她通过这些特长建立起了一个包含了国内及国外人士的宝贵的人脉网络。Mandy还精通普通话及英语,广受客户的好评。 Mandy在墨尔本居住超过25年。她对该市场不仅有着透彻的理解,还明白每个区域的独特优势以及其市场趋势和特点。她通过结合上述的讯息,能够做到以最有效的方法,把物业投放到最合适的受众群中。 过往的成功印证了Mandy与Jin团队的专注与努力,俩人均为RT Edgar的合伙人。他们突出的成果包括在Stonnington和Boorondara以及周边地区完成了大量价格为千万以上的豪宅出售交易。 凭借着耐心、谈判的天赋和超凡的沟通技巧,Mandy和Jin一度刷新墨尔本大都会区域物业销售的最高纪录。在2017年7月,他们以约4千万的价格售出了Toorak的一处地标性住宅,这是当时维多利亚州住宅物业成交价格的第一名。

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