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Michael Martin

Director, Auctioneer


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With over a decade immersed in deal-making, Michael possesses refined insights into the market landscape. He thrives in collaborative and dynamic team environments, harnessing synergy to fuel innovation and drive progress.

Confident in his negotiation skills and armed with a sharp, critical mind, Michael's ultimate satisfaction lies in his client's success. He understands that effective communication, patience, and respect are fundamental to nurturing fruitful partnerships.

Before his real estate career, Michael honed his communication skills as a specialist working with individuals with autism, gaining a deep understanding of the power of words and their impact. This diverse background enriches his industry expertise and enhances his ability to foster meaningful relationships.

Michael joined RT Edgar Bayside as Director. His diverse skill set and unwavering commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset. He consistently delivers exceptional results and exceeds expectations.

Bayside Office

31A Church St Brighton VIC 3186

(03) 9591 0602
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