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Philip Looe

Property Manager


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Philip built his reputation for excellent customer service in the retail and hospitality industries before he commenced his career in real estate, so it is no surprise that investors and tenants regularly comment on his friendly nature and his commitment to ensuring that every client’s expectations are not simply met but are exceeded. He enjoys helping new residents to discover the attractions that make Melbourne’s eastern suburbs such a popular place to live, including the quality educational opportunities or the thriving multicultural flavour of the community. Taking a calm and thoughtful approach to resolving each clients’ questions and concerns, Philip is a highly professional and reliable property professional and a valued member of the RT Edgar team.

"Philip at RT Edgar was a great help in leasing out my property. He understood the property and location, kept us informed and got the results in the expected time frame."

- Landlord, Monash

"Philip provided very good service. He took a very short period of time to rent out my home and the process went smoothly. He was also responsive to all my enquiries. I will be recommending them to my friends."

- Landlord, Monash

Monash Office

18 Hamilton Place MOUNT WAVERLEY VIC 3149

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